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New Services Menu in Google My Business Now

Google Recently Added A Services Menu Within Google My Business

 It is primarily available to service businesses and businesses in the health and beauty industry.  You can add the services you offer directly to your listing within your Google My Business account.  The services themselves can also be grouped within categories you create as well. 


Businesses in health & beauty, and service businesses, such as plumbers and florists, now have the ability to add their menu of services directly to their listing through their Google My Business account.

This new services menu will be important to any business concerned with local search engine optimization (SEO).   It will be worth your while to log in and take the time to setup categories and services to match the services listed on your website.  Keep in mind what categories you have selected within your GMB listing when creating your categories.  Try to make them match up as much as possible.  If you need help with any of your local search engine marketing or have any questions feel free to reach out to us.  

Same as the food establishment menu editor, this feature will only be available if the listing is not currently connected to a third party provider and for listings in English speaking locals. If your listing is currently displaying an incorrect menu, please see this help center link for more information on how to correct or remove the link.

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