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Google Just Launched A New Complaint Form To Combat Spam In The Maps

Google recently opened a new form that will be used to combat fraudulent listings and spam on Google Maps.  This has been an ongoing problem for as long as Google Maps has existed.  Hopefully this will result in increased responsiveness on Google's end since spam within Google Maps can be a major problem for both consumers and business owners alike.  A link to the new form is below.   Be sure to bookmark it if you plan to do any spam fighting in the near future.  


It was first mentioned on the Google Advertiser Community here.  

Here Are A Few Of The Ways Competitor's Could Be Abusing Google Maps With Spam

  • Stuffing their titles or listings with keywords - a listing title should match the business name (otherwise its against Google's terms of service)
  • Using services to create fake reviews
  • Creating secondary listings at locations like post offices (Google recently specified that the location needs to staffed)

Need a good laugh, check out #stopcraponthemap

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