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Three Rivers Marketing offers a variety of digital marketing services to small businesses in and around Washington PA, 15301.  Our office is located in Uniontown which is just west of Washington PA.

We specialize in local search engine optimization, lead generation, and online reputation management for local businesses. Below are additional details about the main services we offer in Washington County.  


  • Lead Generation
  • Online Reputation Management & Reputation Marketing
  • Local Search Engine Optimization 
  • Google My Buiness Optimization
  • PPC Ads (Like Google Adwords, Bing, Etc)
  • Single Time Services (such as Citations or Directory Creation)

Key Benefits

  • No Risk!
    You only pay for the qualified leads you receive. We’ve found this to be the most fair way to structure it, but we are open to other payment structures, like a consistent monthly payment etc.
  • Completely Exclusive Leads
    Tired of the large websites like HomeAdvisor sending you garbage leads? Their leads are anything, but exclusive, they sell them to as many local companies as possible. This is why companies that are quick at following up on leads can sometimes still do OK with lead providers like HomeAdvisor, but this is typically why most companies have bad experiences with them. We keep our leads exclusive and only partner with one company in each city, so be sure to jump on these leads before they get to one of your competitors.
  • Call Tracking
    All calls are tracked and recorded. This lets you verify you are only paying for the highly targeted leads that we provide. We agree on a specific length of time that calls need to be over before they are considered a qualified lead.

Washington PA is a city within the county of Washington in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Its population was around 13,600 people during the 2010 census.  

Washington, PA, is well known for the Whiskey Rebellion in 1791, which was one of the first  rebellions against the U.S. government and Constitution of the United States. This rebellion was due to a tax being imposed on the distillation of whiskey in the region. The house of David Bradford, who was one of the primary leaders of the rebellion, is now a museum that is devoted to the Whiskey Rebellion.  The David Bradford House is located on South Main Street within the city of Washington PA.  

Source: Wikipedia

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