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Three Rivers Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency  based in Pittsburgh, that offers services that help local businesses grow their online presence and generate more phone calls, traffic, leads, and most importantly sales.  We specialize in local SEO and lead generation but also offer the following services.

Internet Marketing Services

Affordable Local SEO Service

 Local Search Marketing Services That Will Bring Your Business An ROI For Years To Come

Our Digital Consultant will take a thorough look at your situation and perform a number of audits to determine a digital marketing plan of action.  We are different from some SEO agencies, in that we realize that a high ROI is much more important than a high rank in the search engines.  The two can go hand in hand but not always.  This is why we take a thorough look at the overall picture to see what will make the most sense in the short term and long term for our potential clients or partners.  Call today for a complimentary consultation.

Google My Business Listing Optimization

There are numerous signals inside your GMB listing that Google uses to help rank your website in their map results.  Categories are one that can sometimes be overlooked.  We check all your competitor’s categories to ensure we don’t miss something relevant. We will write out a detailed and unique description and then upload geo-tagged photos, video, etc to your listing.   This will give you a great baseline before starting on page optimization.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

At the start of a campaign we will perform a thorough audit of your website and start making improvements.  We never guess when it comes to making changes.  We utilize software that helps us analyze the top 5 sites that are ranking for your target keyword.  After taking an average of various parameters like keyword density, we make start optimizing your web page to have a slightly higher keyword density.  We start with the most important factors and can continue doing this until you start getting results.  As you can see, we take a very analytical approach to SEO and this helps to bring our clients a solid ROI.

Off Page Ranking Factors –  Citations and Backlinks

There are many ranking factors for local SEO, however we try to focus in on the factors that will bring you results in as short an amount of time as possible.  Citations or directory listings are an extremely important off page factor for local search engine optimization.  We ensure your name, address, and phone is accurate across your web properties.  Backlinks are another important off page ranking factor.  The key is to get geographically relevant backlinks in addition to the industry specific backlinks that most people would typically try to acquire.

Our local seo and online marketing campaigns can be broken down into 2, 4, or 6 month campaigns, in addition to our standard annual campaign.  If you are a local business owner that is looking for an agency to help you increase the number of leads you are bringing in each month fill out the form below or send us an email at

Three Rivers Marketing 650 Pittsburgh Rd PMB 2023 Uniontown PA 15401

Lead Generation Benefits

  • Zero Risk!

    • You only pay for the qualified leads you receive.  We’ve found this to be the most fair way to structure it, but we are open to other payment structures, like a consistent monthly payment etc.
  • Exclusive and High Quality Leads  

    • Tired of the larger websites like HomeAdvisor sending you garbage leads?  Their leads are anything, but exclusive, they sell them to as many local companies as possible.  We do the exact opposite and keep out leads 100% exclusive.
  • Call Tracking

    • All calls are tracked and recorded.  This lets you verify you are only paying for the highly targeted leads that we provide.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Three Rivers Marketing is not your average marketing agency, we realize that a high ROI is much more important than just ranking high in the search engines.  Both can go hand in hand but not necesarily.  For this reason, we take a thorough look at the overall picture and see what will make the most sense in the short term and long term for our potential clients or partners. If you are looking for one of the top digital marketing agencies in the southwest Pennsylvania region, give us a call at 412-489-0040 for a free, no obligation, consultation with one of our digital marketing consultants right away.  They will provide actionable insights into your website that could be improved upon today.

Need a Uniontown Digital Marketing Agency?

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Locations Serviced:

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  • Allegheny County
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  • Washington County

We are always willing to travel up to 50 miles to meet with clients at their office occasionally.  This helps to give us a better understanding of your business and is always helpful early on.  We look forward to helping as many local businesses with their digital marketing and Local SEO needs as possible.